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Criminalization and Control
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No Freedom Without Freedom of Choice.

Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are coming for our reproductive freedom. 

Californians for Choice is a mass mobilization effort to organize and turn out pro-choice voters to defeat Trump and win key California Congressional districts this year.

Join our army of volunteers who will work this fall to make calls, knock on doors, and organize to safeguard women’s right to choose. 

The future of reproductive freedom runs through California. And the work starts now. Join us. 

The following California congressional races have been identified by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC):

  • CA-13: Adam Gray vs. Rep. John Duarte
  • CA-22: Rudy Salas vs. Rep. David Valadao
  • CA-27: George Whitesides vs. Rep. Mike Garcia
  • CA-41: Will Rollins vs. Rep. Ken Calvert

The PAC will also join the effort to keep CA-47 blue by supporting Democrat Dave Min against Republican Scott Baugh. 

"A woman’s right to make decisions over her own body is fundamental. But we are at an inflection point. This election will reverberate on every generation that comes after it — determining women’s freedom to ‘choose’ and access to reproductive care. We need to get our fellow Californians off the sidelines to fight and to win this November.”
— Eleni Kounalakis —

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Defeating Donald Trump and taking back the House will require every Californian’s help. Join us in supporting our fight.
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